The Empire Strikes Back, But Finds Feminism Invincible

We’re working our way through digitizing cassette tapes of recordings of our previous events, slowly but surely. This is our 7th annual Dame Nita Barrow lecture, in 2003 with Alda Facio.

It’s a fantastic & clever talk, & it’s highly recommended listening.

Transcription of the talk here.

Alda Facio, LLP, is a feminist human rights activist, jurist, and writer. As one of the founders of the Women’s Caucus for Gender Justice in the International Criminal Court, she went on to be its first Director. In 1996, she was awarded the first Women’s Human Rights Award from International Women, Law and Development in Washington D.C. She is currently the Director of the Women, Gender and Justice Program at the U.N. Latin American Institute for Crime Prevention in Costa Rica.

Alda’s work during her stay at the CWSE became the basis of what would become our annual Women’s Human Rights Education Institute (WHRI), an intensive and practical human rights-based program.

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