Links of Interest

Some links of interest from work study student Eve:

Sex, alcohol and gender norms: Time for a sober look at desire and consent “I’m a dreamer, so some days I imagine a society where rather than knocking ourselves out with a liquid-induced frontal lobotomy, we manage our sexual desires with courage and lucidity. I know it’s a lot to ask, but this party-pooper’s gotta dream.”

Coco Riot’s full-colour comic from the Winter 2012 print issue of Shameless

Documentary: Outlawed in PakistanThe story of a girl in Pakistan whose life is at risk for daring to allege rape.

Discrimination: Everyday Sexism Project takes the fight to Facebook“Stepping up its relentless campaign against casual misogyny, the Everyday Sexism Project, which documents “everyday experiences of sexism to prove how bad the problem is and create solidarity”, is taking on one of the world’s most prolific companies in its bid to tackle gender-based discrimination. In an open letter to Facebook, the London-based movement – which has nearly 50,000 Twitter followers – demands “swift, comprehensive and effective action addressing the representation of rape and violence on [its site]”.”

Cosmopolitan, perhaps not the most feminist media outlet out there, has tackled Feminist Porn. Is there hope for Cosmo after all?

Welcome WHRI Participants!

We haven’t been posting much because we’re in the second week of our annual Women’s Human Rights Education Institute (WHRI). An incredible group of activists from all over the world have assembled to discuss women’s human rights, and will be here until the end of June. Welcome everyone!

We haven’t taken any pictures yet, so here’s a couple pictures from last year.


Call for Submissions in Honour of Roxana Ng

Call for Submissions

For “Brown Bag Lectures” in Honour of Roxana Ng


The Centre for Women’s Studies in Education (CWSE) is a feminist research centre at OISE, University of Toronto. Established in 1983 and designed to foster feminist scholarship, teaching, and activism relevant to education, broadly defined, CWSE consists of faculty, staff, students, researchers and educators in the larger feminist community within and outside of the university.

The Brown Bag series at the CWSE is a semi-formal space to present complete research or work-in-progress for discussion and feedback. Brown Bag seminars are held on weekday afternoons in the CWSE’s seminar room 2-227, at OISE, 252 Bloor St W. For examples of CWSE Brown Bags and other events, go to

We are looking for submissions for presentations in a series of Brown Bag events related to the work of Roxana Ng, Head of the CWSE, who passed away January 2013. Her work focused on:

  • Qi Gong and alternative and holistic health and healing;
  • Globalization, migration, and labour relations;
  • Immigrant women and Canadian institutions;
  • Institutional Ethnography;
  • Critical Feminist Pedagogy;
  • Anti-Racism;
  • Embodied Learning.

If your work falls under these topics or was influenced by Roxana, we encourage you to submit to present in this series.


Please submit

  • a one-page overview of the work you wish to present, including relevant websites
  • a one-paragraph summary of your intended presentation structure (lecture? screening? etc.)
  • a one-paragraph biography of yourself as related to your work
  • your preferred time frame for presentation (possibilities are September to early December 2013, and January to early March 2014). 

Submit your materials to by July 8, 2013.  The series will commence September 2013 and run through March 2014.

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